I was born many (well, not so many) years ago in Mexico City. My mother’s family side is from Oaxaca (South) and my father’s family side is from Coahuila, (North) and they got married after seven days of knowing each other! My first memories are mixed with music, flavors, scents and the family gather in the kitchen, laughing and sharing stories. I was always glue to my Grandmother, Meya, a very strong woman, who ater widowed, walked with my mother and my three aunts for four days through the mountains, to leave her little town, Totontepec, and get to Oaxaca , looking for a better life and oppotunities. She share with me our family cooking heritage.

I arrived to the Yucatán twenty years ago, where I’ve learned the mayan cuisine with my neighbors and friends. I believe the locals are always the best source of knowledge about traditions.

I have two children, Alex and Lupita. Lupita looooves to cook and Alex looooves to eat, so they are the perfect combination!

I believe food is an edibe way of love, that’s why I love cooking!

I enjoy sharing my heritage of Traditional Mexican Cuisine, cooking secrets, legends and stories with my students, trying by this to preserve and spread the Mexican Traditons all over the world.


Mexican Cooking lessons start with a Cultural Introduction to the broad Mexican Culinary History, learning about Mesoamerican cultures, their traditions and main ingredients, Colonnial, Independece and Revolutionary periods and its influence in Mexico’s traditional cooking, along with legends and my family’s ancient stories.

Then, experience the complete process of preparing and cooking an authentic Mexican full meal in a group setting. Many of the dishes you will learn and help to cook, come from my own family recipes.

Cooking class completed, everyone sits down to enjoy the fruits of their labor, along with a “jarrito de agua fresca de Jamaica”, cold beer and mezcal.


If you are interested in join the classes, or have any question about Traditional Mexican Cooking, or need an special recipe don’t hesitate to contact me!